Black Block’s violence

Anarchists Respond to Trump’s Inauguration, by Any Means Necessary” (NY Times, 2/2/17):  “In Berkeley, Calif., on Wednesday night, masked protesters set fires, smashed windows and stormed buildings on the campus of the University of California to shut down a speech by Milo Yiannopoulos, an inflammatory Breitbart News editor and a right-wing provocateur already barred from Twitter.”

The Violence in Berkeley is a Very, Very Bad Idea For the Left” (Paste, 2/2/17): “… succumbing to the impulse for violence, either passively or actively, will absolutely destroy us. For one thing, it means sacrificing an ideal that separates us from them. We are committed to alleviating suffering, and though there are historical situations where violence was necessary in order to end a greater suffering, we are not there.”