The Shutdown Collective: “To Halt the Slide Into Authoritarianism, We Need a General Strike.”

Time to strike?  “A general strike is not just another protest, rally or march. It is a strike. Unlike most strikes, however, it is not confined to one company, but rather cascades outward. In the past, such actions have targeted whole communities or cities, a complete industry, a sphere of gendered labor, or even an entire country. In the past, some general strikes have included employees in most or all public and private sectors, students, women, prisoners, even the military. In all cases, the aim of a general strike is not merely to protest, but to demonstrate the productive power of the people by halting all industrial and commercial activity for a definite period of time, and by interrupting normal patterns and subordinations of daily life, effectively bringing the economy and society to a standstill until demands are met.”