“The massive wave of town hall protests ruining the GOP’s week, explained”

Town hall mobilizations have been underway since Donald Trump’s inauguration, and they’ve already led many Republican members to decide they want to avoid holding any public events.’

‘The town hall concept derives loosely from the New England town meeting, an unusual form of direct democracy practiced to this day in small towns located north and east of New York state.  The way this works … is that the town government has an executive branch composed of elected aldermen, but relies on the population of the town as a whole to serve as its legislature. But instead of voting on initiatives and referenda at the ballot box on Election Day, they are asked to show up to regular town meetings where issues are discussed and votes are taken. The meetings are normally held in the local town hall, so the basic concept of a public meeting between an elected official and his or her constituents has become known as a “town hall.”  These metaphorical town halls lack any formal governance role, but they turn out to be a form of public appearance that’s well-suited to the relatively informal norms of modern American life.’