Alberto Toscano: “Notes on Late Fascism”

10 Preliminary Theses:
‘T1: late fascism is bereft of non-contemporaneity or non-synchronousness;
T2: the psychic structure of fascism operates through a form of mass narcissism;
T3: it operates through a performance of fanaticism devoid of inner conviction;
T4: late fascism is a conservative politics of antagonistic reproduction;
T5: it is not the politics of a class, a group or a mass, but of a manipulated series;
T6: the racialized signifier of class functions as a spectre, a screen, a supplement;
T7: late fascism is driven by a desire for the state and a hatred of government;
T8: it reacts against a liberal reaction, it is not primarily counter-revolutionary;
T9: it is an offshoot of an endogenous protracted crisis of legitimacy of capital;
T10: it is a symptom of the toxic obsolescence of the modern figure of the political, namely a “national and social state” in which citizenship is organised across axes of ethno-racial and gender identity, and articulated to labour.’