Edgardo Lander on ‘The “unconditional solidarity” of the Left with Chavismo’

The Left’s uncritical support for Left authoritarianism:  “The rather authoritarian profile of Chavismo was something that was there from the beginning. And the same applies to the extractivist productive model that has been implemented.  So, why shouldn’t we open a debate on all these things, in order to think critically and make proposals? I’m not implying that the European left should come to tell us, the Venezuelans, how we should carry out a revolution, but I reject the uncritical celebration or justification of anything that might be wrong. … If we understand the struggle for anti-capitalist transformation not as a struggle that takes place ‘down there’ and that therefore we should be supportive of what ‘they’ do, but as a struggle of all of us, then we should be aware that what you might be doing wrong might be affecting us too, and that we’re also responsible for learning from that experience in order not to repeat the same mistake.  But I’m afraid we have no ability to learn, because when the Venezuelan model collapses, we’ll look elsewhere. That kind of solidarity, that kind of internationalism, in terms of political and intellectual responsibility is a disaster.”