Peter Derk: “William Powell And ‘The Anarchist Cookbook’: A Defense”

‘It was only 1976, 5 years after The Cookbook‘s initial publication, when he converted to Anglicism and tried to stop further publication of The Cookbook.  In 1979 he started a teaching career that took him to Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, Indonesia and Malaysia, and he specialized in working with marginalized children and children with special needs. This is what he did for the rest of his life. The only “editorial review” of The Anarchist Cookbook on Amazon is a message from Powell. A message of regret:  “The central idea to the book was that violence is an acceptable means to bring about political change. I no longer agree with this…I want to state categorically that I am not in agreement with the contents of The Anarchist Cookbook and I would be very pleased (and relieved) to see its publication discontinued. I consider it to be a misguided and potentially dangerous publication which should be taken out of print.”‘