Structure of the Site

This personal site represents a scholarly book-in-progress and is part of my on-going study of political hubris in modern tragedy, specifically, the self-destruction of revolution from Romantic to Postmodern theater and beyond. The site comprises 8 sections:

  1. Project is a Table of Contents, listing the plays discussed in the project with links to individual analyses as they are posted.
  2. Publications includes my publications that are part of the project or pertain to its main themes.
  3. Bibliography includes the bibliography of the project as well as a few auxiliary ones.
  4. Arts categorizes works of culture discussed in the project.
  5. Nota bene is regularly updated with (mostly recent) articles, essays, and papers exploring the stakes in radicalism.
  6. Blog contains my occasional thoughts, quotes, and references in the order they are posted.
  7. Index lists major notions and thinkers of special relevance.
  8. In the News is regularly updated with current news on radical initiatives and issues.

Acknowledgement: I am grateful to Mr. John Posch (M.S.I., U-M School of Information, specializing in computing and knowledge organization; Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Classical Studies) for creating, organizing, and maintaining this site. His ideas, insights, and improvements have been supporting and strengthening my work. I remain indebted to his tremendous help.

Vassilis Lambropoulos