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Mona Lilja, Mikael Baaz, Michael Schulz & Stellan Vinthagen: “How resistance encourages resistance: Theorizing the nexus between power, ‘Organised Resistance’ and ‘Everyday Resistance’”

“Lately, the concept of ‘resistancehas gained considerable traction as a tool for critically exploring subaltern practices in relation to power. Few researchers, however, have elaborated on the inter-linkage of shifting forms of resistance; and above all, how acts of everyday
resistance entangle with more organized and sometimes mass-based
resistance activities. In this paper, these entanglements are analysed by taking into consideration the connections between articulations
of resistance and technologies of power. Empirical observations from
Cambodia are theorized in order to provide better theoretical tools for searching and investigating the inter-linkage between different resistance forms that contribute to social change. In addition, it is argued that modalities of power and its related resistance must be understood, or theorized, in relation to the concepts of ‘agency’, ‘self-reflexivity’ and ‘techniques of the self’.”