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CrimethInc.: ‘The Uprising in Colombia: “An Example of What Is to Come”’

“So people are not just participating in an uprising, people are not just fighting against the system—they are also imagining and they are creating new ways and new perspectives for another kind of society.”

“Battle for the mother land: Indigenous people of Colombia fighting for their lands”

‘A green-and-red flag flies over a cluster of bamboo and tarpaulin tents on the frontline of an increasingly deadly struggle for land and the environment in Colombia’s Cauca Valley.  It is the banner for what indigenous activists are calling the “liberation of Mother Earth”, a movement to reclaim ancestral land from sugar plantations, farms and tourist resorts that has gained momentum in the vacuum left by last year’s peace accord between the government and the leftwing guerrillas who once dominated the region – ending, in turn, the world’s longest-running civil war.’

“‘Goodbye, Weapons!’ FARC Disarmament in Colombia Signals New Era”

‘As United Nations inspectors slammed shut a shipping container filled with rifles, fighters from Colombia’s largest rebel group cheered on Tuesday morning when their leader declared that they had laid down their arms after 52 years of guerrilla war. …  Gaitan Duke, 33, said … that far from surrendering, the rebels were transforming themselves for a new, democratic fight.  “We are not demobilizing,” he said. “We are laying down our weapons to become an open and legal political movement.”’