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Jacob T. Levy: “Federalism, jurisdiction, and resistance”

How federalism works at its best:  ‘Federalism is valuable because states can be oppositional. They can provide organizational, institutional, and political strength that is otherwise hard to come by in the face of a tremendously powerful central government. They are units that can say ”no”,  and can help give people who say “no” a place to stand.’

Liberals to Battle Trump with Federalism, a Page from the Conservative Playbook

On liberal federalism:  “With Republicans in control of the White House, Congress, and (soon) the Supreme Court, progressive groups are considering ripping a page from the conservative playbook to advance and defend their priorities … over the next four years.  That page? Federalism, the idea that state and local governments can and should pursue policies independent of (and even in conflict with) the federal government’s priorities. … Beyond the federal government being in the hands of Trump, activists say there are good reasons to push for change at the state and local levels.”