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Katha Pollitt: “March, Huddle, Fight: Why Feminism is Back in a Big Way”

Feminism is cool because, increasingly, it is “part of a bigger grass-roots movement for racial justice, immigrant rights, prisoners’ rights, labor rights and more. The concept of intersectionality, which is the idea that people have multiple identities and that all oppressions are connected, has helped bring women together.”

“Strikes were a part of Women’s Day before. With Trump, they will be again.”

Time to re-politicize Women’s Day:  “As progress is being rapidly rolled back, we need a feminism of the 99% to take action. That’s why women in 30 countries are taking to the streets on 8 March.”

“How a Fractious Women’s Movement Came to Lead the Left”

Feminism brought the opposition together. But how long will that last, and how many converts can it win?”

“But for the moment, at least, Trump appears to be the great uniter. In the days and weeks since the march, its energy spilled into spontaneous actions across the country, with protesters coming together on behalf of Muslims and immigrants. Donations poured into Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union.”