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David Sirota: “Who Exactly Is Doing the Looting, and Who’s Being Looted?”

‘Working-class people pilfering convenience-store goods is deemed “looting.” By contrast, rich folk and corporations stealing billions of dollars during their class war is considered good and necessary “public policy” — aided and abetted by arsonist politicians in Washington lighting the crime scene on fire to try to cover everything up.’

Elizabeth Hinton: “The Minneapolis Uprising in Context”

‘Just as much as nonviolent direct action, rebellion presented a way for the oppressed and disenfranchised to express collective solidarity in the face of punitive state forces, exploitative institutions, and calcified “democratic” institutions.’

“Sprawling Protest Movement Treads Line Between Justice Agenda and Chaos”

The protesters come from all racial backgrounds with ardent cadres of young white allies quite unlike earlier eras of racial unrest. Some marches are led by national or local activist organizations. Many others are simply spontaneous, sprouting up from long-simmering frustrations in city neighborhoods.”