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Joseph Daher interviewed: “The war in Syria only benefits the counter-revolutionary forces”

“Why we should continue talking about revolution in Syria – Isn’t it an old flame that went out? Which forms of struggle and organization evidence the continuity of revolutionary subjects? Could you elaborate on the self-governing local councils across Syria?”

Richard Wood: “The Syrian War and the Western Left’s Myopia”

On Islamic radicalism and revolutionary movements:  ‘The diverse Islamist organizations’ visions of future social organization may not be that of Western leftists, but to defend or applaud regimes like Russia (with its imperialist history vis a vis Muslims) that intervenes to crush them is shortsighted indeed.  Syrian and Libyan societies have been wrecked amid a political and military effort by diverse forces to replace elites that dominated these societies for their own narrow interests. For leftists to decry these political and armed struggles for social justice and power sharing is the height of hypocrisy. Most leftists routinely express solidarity with their enemies in a knee-jerk aversion to “religion” or Islam.’