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“Why an Art Strike? Why Now?”

An artists’ strike:  “The #J20 Art Strike is proposed in solidarity with other #J20 actions taking place across the country that demand business does not proceed as usual on inauguration day.”

Michael Quirk: “Eleven Theses on American Democracy”

Sanders’ proposed revolution “is a strong democratic socialist/social democratic challenge to the crumbling neoliberal doctrines of the present-day Democratic Party. It expresses the yearning of many for effective political participation, as opposed to the best government money can buy. It challenges the plutocracy in the name of both freedom and equality. But most importantly … it is a movement that does not begin and end with electoral politics, and even less with the prospects of a Sanders presidency.”

“Saturn devours his young: President Trump”

“Popular dreaming about Donald Trump reveals him to be a father figure who evokes half-buried fears and longings about peoples’ own fathers. … He is the embodiment of the law, and its gruelling obverse: the law is enforced precisely through its bloody transgressions. He is the cannibalistic ogre of fairy tales, the Pale Man of Pan’s Labyrinth, Saturn eating his young in Roman myth, to prevent them from overthrowing him, having already castrated and deposed his own father.”