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Éric Alliez & Maurizio Lazzarato: “Clausewitz and la pensée 68”

‘The new theory of war and power was not able to confront and draw on real political experiments, since between the end of the 1970s and the early 1980s, the radicalization that resulted from ’68 (“Rampant May”) faded, weakened, and finally collapsed in the repetition of the modalities of civil war codified by the revolutions of the first half of the century around the October Revolution of the Bolsheviks. After the failure of insurrection movements, the “Winter Years” began, and have yet to end.’

Margaret Moore reviews Christopher J. Finlay’s “Terrorism and the Right to Resist: A Theory of Just Revolutionary War” (2015)

A study in just war theory:  “Finlay is aware that the rebels and revolutionaries and terrorists that are the subject of his book are often acting in pursuit of reasonable goals that an oppressive state doesn’t allow them to pursue through legitimate means; and he shows that the underlying architecture of just war theory, with its concepts of just cause (human rights), proportionality, necessity, and so on, is nevertheless relevant.”